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International ocean freight delivery is a complex multi-stage processes. After all, the aim of forwarders is not just to transport goods from one point to another, but to do it as quickly and profitably as possible for the customer.


Transport and logistics company UNI-LAMAN GROUP has been engaged in cargo transportation for 20 years. The accumulated experience and knowledge enable us to organize delivery of any complexity of transportation and from any point in the world. Our own customs clearance and insurance services allow us to provide a full range of services. Our clients do not need to worry of each stage of transportation or look for contractors.

Sea transportation of goods

Cargo delivery by sea is the best option if you plan to transport large volumes of cargoes. On average, one container carries from 20 to 30 tons of cargo. One ship can carry thousands of containers. Even very large consignments can be delivered this way. This type of delivery is called Full Container Load (FCL).

But small loads can also be transported by sea. The LCL (Less Container Load) format is the type of cargo consolidation – the consolidation of orders from several customers into one container. The customer does not rent the entire container and saves a lot of money.

Air freight

Air transport is used to deliver valuable, live cargoes, food and medical supplies. It is possible to rent both the entire aircraft and part of the space in aircraft.

 Aircraft have several advantages among other delivery types:

  • speed;
  • minimal influence of external factors.

 Air delivery – is the only possible way to deliver goods in fastest way.

Delivery of goods by railway service

Freight trains have become leaders in the price / speed category. Transportation of goods by rail is cheaper than by air or by sea. In addition, waiting times are significantly shorter in some areas. For example, the UNI-LAMAN GROUP train delivers goods from the Chinese province of Guangdong to Odessa in 20 days, while the ship goes for more than a month.

Transportation of goods by trucks

The variety of routes is the reason why our customers choose delivery by trucks. In this case, delivery “to the door of the warehouse” is possible, without the need for unloading and reloading at intermediary terminals. UNI-LAMAN GROUP’s own vehicle fleet includes 160 modern container careering trucks in Ukraine and Moldova.

Trucks are often used in multimodal transportation for the convenience of the customer.

Multimodal transportation

It usually happens that, one type of transport is not enough to deliver goods directly to the customer’s warehouse, therefore, a multimodal delivery method is used. For the convenience of the client, such transaction is covered by one type of contract, where the execution of each stage is prescribed. For example, cargo is delivered to the country of destination by sea, and from the port it is transported by truck to the customer’s warehouse.

Don’t worry about getting your cargo from the port or railway terminal to your warehouse. Order a multimodal transportation service and our managers will offer a suitable option.

Transportation of dangerous goods

In order to transport some types of goods special permitting documents are to be arranged. For example:

  • explosive materials;
  • flammable gases and liquids;
  • oxidizing, poisonous and infectious substances;
  • radioactive substances;
  • caustic and corrosive materials.

While agreeing transportation contract conditions, please check, which documents should be prepared for each specific case.

Delivery of oversized cargoes (OOG)

Cargoes that exceed the permitted standards are considered out of gauge.

OOG cargoes:

  • construction, agricultural and special equipment;
  • excavators;
  • drilling rigs;
  • ready-made structures, etc.

It is prohibited to transport oversized items without the permission of road service administrations

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