Air cargo delivery

It is beneficial to use air traffic if you send:

medical goods and cosmetics;
dangerous goods;
live cargo;
humanitarian aid;
precious metals.

UNI-LAMAN GROUP is one of the leaders in the Ukrainian market in the field of logistics services and air cargo transportation. We have been working in the industry for 20 years and during this time we have created a convenient and reliable service. Thanks to cooperation with many world airlines, the delivery time of cargo from the USA and China takes to 5 days. And with a limited budget, you can use the cargo consolidation service and share the shipping cost with other customers.

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Transportation to Ukraine by air

If airplane is used to deliver goods to Ukraine, the goods are unloaded at the territory of the cargo terminal of the Boryspil airport. The hub is located in the Kiev region and is the largest in Ukraine.

Terminal area – 14,580 m². In the protected area, there are warehouses for temporary storage, including goods that are sensitive to temperature extremes.

After receiving goods and completing necessary documents, the goods are “picked up” from the airport by truck and delivered to the customer’s warehouse.

Delivery of goods by air to / through Europe

The demand for international transportation of goods by air is growing every year and the capacity of “Boryspil airport” is not always enough. The airport management has already announced the construction of another terminal, but meanwhile, we found alternative solution.

Now it is possible to send cargo to one of the airports in Europe, and arrange delivery to final destination to customer’s door in Ukraine by truck.

Contact us and our managers who will tell you which airport to choose in Europe and how to arrange further delivery of goods to destination.

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